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Siempre Golden

Blessed Top



Caia is wearing a size small top and bottom.
Height 177cm 
Bra size 10E and pants 
size 8 

 This “Blessed” top is completely adjustable and supportive by tying the front through the circle as tight as you want it; if you wish to wear this without the circle ring, you can take the ring out. This top has double-sided fabric, so it is thick and not see through.

The two colors “Blessed” comes in are Blueberry (a light blue), and in Clay (a matte burnt red).


Have you heard the expression that blessings bring on more blessings? By being positive, grateful, and celebrating what you already have, this energy attracts more positivity. Oprah is a testament to this belief, that by writing five things she was grateful for each day, she was more receptive to all the good things in her life, which then